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Did you know you can become a Hygienist in as little as 2 years!
Unlike many other medical careers, Dental Hygienists are only required to have an associates degree to begin practicing.  Higher degrees are only required if you would like to advance into management etc.
Additionally, you can often work as an unlicensed assistant while you are working toward your certification.  Then you have a place to work immediately following accreditation. 

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The US Department of Labor reports that Dental Hygiene is one of the fastest growing careers and is projected to stay that way for the next decade.  Good pay, flexible hours, and recession proof demand are all factors contributing to making this on the most desirable career paths for both recent highschool graduates and those later in life who are ready to switch careers. can help you find your next Dental Hygiene Job.

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While it is not quite as easy as it used to be to find a good dental hygiene job, there are still many great positions out there.  There was a time when Hygeinists were given signing bonuses and incredible incentives to join a practice.  Dentists were literally fighting with each other over new graduates.  As the popularity of this career has caught on, the demand has diminished somewhat.  That said, it is one of the most stable and flexible jobs out there.  The good news is you can always pick up part time work and freelance between offices until you find the right fit at the dental practice who is seeking a hygienist just like you.  Another great tip if you are willing to move, is to look for cities who have no hygeine schools near by.  Statistically, cities with training programs have less demand than cities without.
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